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Roquefort Aop Societe Tranche Cheese 100G

$ 6.99
Product Description
Roquefort AOP Societe Tranche Cheese 100G is a soft and sliced blue veined cheese made from sheep's milk.
About The Brand

Société Roquefort is famous for its ivory-colored paste among emerald-green veining; besides, its creamy and moist texture. Société Roquefort is also recognized as the King of Cheeses for its rich, intense sheep milk flavor that balances the blue mold aroma creating its magic taste. The first cheese to be given the AO distinction in 1925 was Société Roquefort. In 1996, it was awarded the European distinction P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin). Société Roquefort; thus, maintains its cheese's particular characteristics, the result of its unique, clearly defined region and traditional methods of production passed on from generation to generation. Société Roquefort can be enjoyed in various ways: on its own, with bread, or accompanied by apples, dried fruits and walnuts, crumbled in a salad, melted in a gratin, and so on. 

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