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The Jelly Bean

The Jelly Bean

We have taken some of the greatest flavors in the world and infused them into our fancy little jellybeans, meaning every jellybean is bursting with an exciting flavor just waiting to tantalize your senses.

From the tropical delight of our Mango bean to the joyous combination of our Cranberry & Apple bean, you can enjoy the explosion of tangy, zesty, sweet flavors of our fruit flavored jellybeans. If dessert is your favorite part of every meal, you will love our dessert and candy-inspired jellybeans, which contain no harmful E-numbers or unnecessary sugars.

With just one jar of jellybeans, you can experience a whole array of desserts, from sticky candy floss to fluffy marshmallows. And let’s not forget our drinks inspired beans! Strawberry Smoothie, Cherry Blossom Soda… the list goes on. Pina Colada anyone?

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