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Benefits of Adding Wet Food to Your Cat’s Diet

Benefits of Adding Wet Food to Your Cat’s Diet

As the master of your cat, you're also the master of her diet. There are countless types of cat food to choose from, but what's the best way to give your cat the nutrients she needs? Here's a brief overview of some of the benefits of adding wet food to your cat's diet.


Wet Cat Food Helps with Weight Management

No matter the age, cats need a consistent intake of nutrients in order to stay healthy. However, some don't get enough exercise to offset the calories they consume. In addition to giving your cat exercise, consider switching to wet food for easier weight management. Many types of wet cat food come pre-portioned, so it's easier to refrain from overfeeding.


Wet food is also high in protein, which helps your cat build stronger muscles. Healthy muscles make working out easier, which can lead to a vicious cycle of health!


If weight management has been an issue for your cat, avoid "free feeding". Instead of letting your cat pick at her meal whenever she wants to, give her proper meals including wet food. You can decide whether to let her take her time finishing a full portion or take away the bowl after a certain period of time.


Some Cats Prefer It

Newborns, kittens, and adult cats all have different dietary needs—even senior cats eat slightly differently than younger adult cats. Different cats also have different tastes, which can make finding the right food for your feline even trickier. If your cat doesn't seem to like dry food, a switch to wet food might be the solution.


Although feline obesity can be a serious problem, refusing to eat can be problematic as well. If you switch your cat to wet food and she still won't eat, talk to your veterinarian to see if there's another problem at hand.


It's Better for Hydration

Hydration is an aspect of your pet's health that shouldn't go overlooked. Proper hydration means better kidney health for your cats, and it can ease symptoms in cats with urinary tract problems. Although you should always give your cat water with a meal, wet food offers a hydration boost that can go a long way with thirsty cats. If Kitty usually doesn't finish her water, wet food will bring a little extra hydration to mealtime. If your cat isn't interested in her water at all, wet food may be a necessary addition to her diet.


It Contains Healthy Vitamins and Minerals

Some cats prefer kibble, but wet food is perfectly healthy for felines. You do have to make sure the food you're giving your cat is right for her age, however. Wet cat food contains essential vitamins and minerals for healthy growth like zinc, iron, and biotin.


Your cat's palette will help you decide what to feed her, but now you know how wet cat food can be beneficial. From weight management to hydration, there are plenty of reasons wet food should be included in your cat's diet. Find a flavor your cat likes and let the health benefits get to work.


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