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Mineral Water 1.5L

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Product Description
Sohat Natural Mineral Water 6*1.5L has a low mineral content and fine texture. The source is located in a protect area in the heart of Jabal Kneisseh-Falougha.
About The Brand

First discovered by the Romans, the Sohat source in Falougha became known over the centuries for the quality of its water and its proven health benefits. A genuine source of wellness that was spontaneously named by the locals “Ain Sohat” for our water’s natural curing potential.  Sohat, the Lebanese natural spring waters bottled directly from the natural flowing source of Jabal Kneyse, Falougha, Mount Lebanon, at an altitude of 1,710 meters. Sohat water is naturally purified by passing through various and perfectly protected geological layers, starting with the melted snow that seeps through the permeable soil, then reaches a deep and impermeable layer where it is stored before flowing to the surface through the historic Sohat spring. Sohat sources at the heart of a perfectly protected pristine environment. A natural ecosystem that guaranteed its purity and unaltered quality.

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