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Golden Pheasant Tomato Paste Easy To Open 400G

$ 2.39
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Product Description
Golden Pheasant Tomato Paste 400G with Easy To Open feature is made of tomatoes and concentrate 28-30%. Packed in Lebanon.
About The Brand

An essential ingredient in the kitchen cupboard and catering industry comes the Aranyfácán tomato paste. With over 80 years of good quality, it is frequently used to make soups, pottages, sauces and many others in several regions of the world regardless of the season. Heat treated and condensed from the pulpy juice of appropriately prepared ripe tomatoes. Characterized by its density, red color and fresh aroma. It doesn't contain any preservatives, salt, sugar, or any other added material. Besides tomato paste, Golden Pheasant offers ketchup too.

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