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India Gate

India Gate

When the world thinks of Basmati, it thinks of India and India Gate Basmati rice. Wherever you dine in the world, India Gate Basmati rice will be an integral part of every quality rice recipe and on your platter to relish.

At India Gate, the World’s Largest Miller and Exporter of Basmati Rice, it is credited with holding the largest contract farming network in 350,000 acres working with 85,000 farmers via its seed development and multiplication program and heading India's largest contract farming initiative.

The result has been recognition from around the world on superior and consistent quality which is result of the most sophisticated milling technology operating in 190 MT/hour. Their quality consistency is also result of servicing the entire value chain from seed-to-fork and aging in 40 million sq feet of open and closed warehouses where each grain is delicately and carefully aged under the eyes of the expert.

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