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American Cuisine

Gourmet Cheese Steak Sandwich


Here’s my take on the classic Philly-style Steak Sandwich, that’s been elevated to gourmet level, with the addition of Gorgonzola Cheese and Balsamic Onions.

  • 4
  • 15
    Mins Prep
  • 20
    Min Cook
  • 250
    Calories Per Serving


  • Meat Filling
  • 600g of steak sliced very thinly (rib or sirloin)
  • Buns
  • 4 Ciabatta Rolls (or sesame seed Philly-style rolls)
  • Cheese
  • 4 Slices Provolone Cheese
  • 200g Gorgonzola Cheese (crumbled)
  • Balsamic onions
  • 4 white onions
  • Olive oil
  • Salt & pepper
  • Sugar
  • Balsamic Vinegar

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  • 1

    First, prepare the Balsamic onions, by dicing them and lightly pan-frying them in olive oil them until brown.

  • 2

    Then add a little water, salt, pepper and sugar, then stir lightly until jam consistency

  • 3

    When the onions become soft, add a drizzle of Balsamic vinegar and stir for 1 minute, and then then turn the heat off.

  • 4

    Slice the beef into paper-thin strips, almost shaving the beef into the thinnest slices possible.

  • 5

    In a very hot skillet, cook the beef until lightly browned and cooked through, stirring often. When cooked through, turn the heat off and place the slices of Provolone cheese on the meat mixture.

  • 6

    Cut the bread buns open and grill the insides lightly.

  • 7

    To serve, fill the bread with the beef strips and cheese mixture first, then the Balsamic onions, and then top off with the Gorgonzola cheese.

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