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Prestigio Compostable Capsule - Classico 10 Pieces

LBP 59,999
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Product Description
Prestigio Compostable Capsule - Classico 10 Pieces, most coffee capsules use an aluminium sachet to keep the coffee fresh, but not Prestigio. Aluminium not only leaves a nasty toxic trail after disposal, but is also non-renewable, and requires lots of energy and chemicals to produce. Instead, we have built in a plant-based oxygen barrier to keep their coffee fresh. This means that their entire capsule, can be chewed up, and spat out by their little microbial friends, leaving behind biomass, CO2 and water. Flavor: Classico.
Country of Origin
About The Brand

Italian Espresso. High quality roasted coffee beans, plant based compostable capsules, and pods. Its velvety flavor, its rich body, its earthiness and its aromatic fragrance are the ultimate results of an excellent blend, a perfect roast, a fresh brew and most of all the long experience of its producer, Ets. Rafic Abi Nasr, who managed throughout the years to produce high quality coffee, which is known for its richness, non-acidity, balance and most of all its consistency

Prestigio espresso with its complete product line that includes espresso pods, espresso coffee beans, espresso machines and much more, is also the perfect blend for a delicious Caffé Mocha, a hot Caffé Latte, an icy Shakerato, a fruitful Espresso Romano, an intense Ristretto, a stimulating Caffè Americano or a foamy Cappuccino.


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