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Does Chocolate Have Caffeine?

Does Chocolate Have Caffeine?

Caffeine provides brain power for millions of individuals around the world. It’s most widely known as the substance in coffee that helps people wake up in the morning or provides a quick boost in the afternoon.  Coffee is one of the best-known sources of caffeine. Another popular source is soda. These aren’t the only sources though. Caffeine can also be found in chocolate.

How Much Caffeine Does Chocolate Contain?

The caffeine content in chocolate varies greatly from one chocolate product to another. For instance, a standard candy bar contains less than 10 milligrams. On the other hand, a bar of true dark chocolate can contain the same amount of caffeine as a soda, up to 31 milligrams.


What are the Benefits of Caffeine?

While caffeine is classified as a drug, it does have some significant health benefits. 


Improving Cognitive Function

Caffeine can help boost your alertness and improve your problem-solving skills, which can help defeat the afternoon slump at work. It’s known to help improve memory capacity. Some studies have even found a link between caffeine consumption and the reduced risk for diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.  


Detoxing the Body

Caffeine is a diuretic, it can help your body to get rid of toxins, which can help to improve your overall health. 


Aiding in Post-Workout Recovery

Consuming caffeine before a workout can help your body more quickly replenish glycogen, which can reduce post-workout aches and pains.

Keep in mind that while caffeine does provide some incredible health benefits, it must be consumed in moderation. Too much caffeine can have a detrimental impact on your health, causing issues such as insomnia and high blood pressure. 


What Can I Make with Chocolate? 

Bars aren’t the only way to enjoy chocolate.  You can bake with it, add it as a topping to your dessert, or melt it in some dairy or non-dairy milk for an alternative to coffee. There are several incredible chocolate recipes that provide you with plenty of delicious chocolatey goodness and a little boost. 


Some chocolate recipes to consider making include:


  • Chocolate muffins. You can mix chocolate chunks into your muffin batter for a chocolate chip muffin or melt the chocolate and incorporate it into the mix lemon or orange zest

  • Energy balls. Energy balls are a raw treat that uses natural, plant-based ingredients such as dates, oats, and nuts or seeds. Add cocoa powder or chocolate chips for an extra delicious boost

  • Hot chocolate. You can melt dark chocolate into your favorite milk and add a little sugar or maple syrup for a simple hot chocolate. You can take your hot chocolate to another level by making golden hot chocolate, which uses turmeric, cinnamon, and black pepper


Where Else Can I Find Caffeine?

Many people are surprised to learn that chocolate contains caffeine and that it can contain just as much as a regular soda. Chocolate isn’t the only surprising source of caffeine, though. Here are a few other unexpected places you can find it:


  • Decaf coffee

  • Chocolate and coffee-flavored ice creams

  • Protein bars

  • Certain types of breakfast cereals


Coffee and sodas aren’t the only sources of caffeine. If you’re looking for an alternative afternoon pick-me-up, chocolate can provide you with just the boost you need. 


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