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Selpak Facial Tissues Box - Boutique 48 sheets

$ 1.15
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Product Description
Selpak Facial Tissues Box - Boutique 48 sheets are made from 100% natural virgin fiber. The lotionized tissue provides you with double protection against skin irritation. High absorbency.
About The Brand

Selpak was established in 1970. Bringing consumers the most innovative tissue paper products on the market up to date. "Sel" comes from the word "selüloz", the Turkish spelling of "cellulose", which is the main raw material of paper. "Pak" means "clean" or "pure" in Turkish. Selpak’s success is deep rooted in its passion for innovation and quality. Thus, it expanded beyond Turkey’s borders and set itself as an international player. Selpak supports sustainable forestry management policies. Its cellulose is produced by 100% certified suppliers who derive their wood pulps from sustainably managed forests. In addition, Selpak uses FSC Certified pulp selected by The Forest Stewardship Council accountable for forest management. Today, more than 380 million acres of forest are certified under FSC’s system.

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