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How to Choose the Right Wine Glass

How to Choose the Right Wine Glass

A wine glass is more than a vessel to get your favorite Pinot noir to your lips; it influences the smell, taste, and feel of your wine. If you want to find the optimal glassware for your beverage, you first need to understand the mechanics behind the glass. Then you can consider which option best suits the type of wine you're drinking. Here's a quick look at how to choose the right wine glass.


Know the Parts

There are several components to a wine glass, and each element has its own effect on the way the wine smells and tastes. Here are the three parts of a wine glass and how they impact the experience.

  • Bowl: The surface area of wine that is exposed to the air affects its aromas. A bigger bowl exposes more wine to the air, so it brings out stronger aromas and flavors. Narrow bowls keep more of the wine below the surface, which does less to amplify the aroma.
  • Stem: Stemware tends to look more formal, but it's also practical. When you hold the stem instead of the bowl, you avoid transferring heat from your hand to the wine. This helps keep your drink cool while you hold it.
  • Rim: The thickness of the rim affects the taste of the wine as well as the wine-drinking experience as a whole. Thin rims help the wine flow smoothly into the mouth, so they don't distract from the drink. Thick rims make for a harsher, more acidic taste.

Examine all three components of a wine glass to decide what kind fits your needs. Additionally, you'll want to think about the type of wine that will go into the glass.


Choose Your Drink

Different kinds of wine call for different types of glassware. Red, white, and sparkling wines all have unique qualities, so choose the right glass and enjoy them to the fullest.

  • Red: If you want to get the full effect of the bold flavors your red wine has to offer, choose a glass with a wide bowl. Increase the surface area to maximize its flavors and aromas.
  • White: In contrast to their red counterparts, white wine's aromas aren't so obvious. A narrow bowl helps funnel the aromas toward the nose while also keeping your wine cool.
  • Sparkling: Enjoy your celebratory sparkling wine from a narrow flute. Exposure to the air makes sparkling wine lose its bubbles, but a tall flute helps preserve the carbonation.


Don't Forget About Aesthetics

While keeping these practical points in mind, consider the appropriate aesthetics for the occasion. Stemware gives off a formal, classy vibe, and it'll keep the bowl free of fingerprints. Stemless glassware is less likely to spill, and it's a little less formal—ideal for more low-key gatherings. Decide what kind of wine glasses will be best based on both aesthetics and practicality.


These factors can all point you in the right direction when it comes down to choosing your glasses. It's ultimately up to you to make the decision, however, so treat them more like guidelines than rules. How you enjoy your wine is your choice, and now you have the tools to make the best decision.


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