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Fly Blue

Today Spinneys is offering you the privilege to redeem your Gold, Platinum or IO points into Flying Blue Award Miles.
Flying Blue is the Air France KLM loyalty program that enables you to enjoy many rewards such as free tickets, upgrades, excess baggage, and access to lounges. Become a Flying Blue member by visiting

Use your Spinneys Gold, Platinum or IO cards and benefit from the Miles offered!
Get 1,000 flying Blue Miles with 10,000 points or 5,000 points with 200,000L.L.

You can earn Flying Blue Award Miles when traveling on Air France KLM or any other SkyTeam partner airline.
How? Simply point your Flying Blue card number when booking your airline ticket.
If you forgot to do this, you can still claim your missing Miles within 3 months. (New member)


SkyTeam members:
20 SkyTeam member airlines will make it possible for you to travel the world in a better way. Whether making a personal journey or doing global business, you'll enjoy more flexibility, convenience and choices along your journey with SkyTeam.
Nearly 16,323 daily flights, 1,052 destinations awaiting your arrival. 177 countries to explore.
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Terms & Conditions

  • The Miles redeemed at Spinneys are considered as Award Miles.
  • If you are already a Flying Blue member, the validity of the Miles exchanged with Spinneys Gold, Platinum or IO cards depends on the validity of the Flying Blue Miles balance.
  • If you are a new Flying Blue member, the Miles validity is 20 months; renewable, if at least one flight activity is done on Air France or any other SkyTeam member and registered on your Flying Blue account.
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