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Join Our Spinnneys Clubs

Whether you are a dedicated parent, a fitness enthusiast, a beauty lover, a cokking addict, a wine lover or a pet owner, Spinneys has the right card for you. Choose one of the 7 club cards from Spinneys loyalty program, collect points and get exclusive rewards tailored to your shopping needs.

  • Exclusive gifts catalogue for Club card holders
  • Points expire following the Classic loyalty program's date (Classic club card holders)
  • Points expire after 3 programs instead of 1 upon the end of the program (Gold and Platinum club card holders)
  • Birthday double points (Classic club card holders)
  • Birthday triple points (Gold and Platinum club card holders)

Baby Club

The baby club for your precious new born.

it's a gift! With our Baby Club card rewards, you will never run out of the essential baby products, from bottles and bibs to car seats and strollers!

Kids Club

The kids club for kids between 4 to 12 years old.

From fun to educational games, our customers' kids will never get bored thanks to the prizes they will get with the Kids Club card.

Beauty Club

The Beauty club for beauty lovers.

From the latest cosmetic products to visits to the top beauty centers, this card will definitely satisfy the fashionable needs of every trend setter and style savvy!

Wellness Club

The wellness club for the health conscious.

The Wellness Club rewards fit perfectly in the healthy lifestyle of our customers, who will be able to enjoy personalized diet plans and many other privileges!

Cooking Club

The Cooking club for cooking addicts.

If cokking is your passion, you will love this card! benefit from a long line of kitchen appliances and cooking utensils that will definitely please the chef in you!

Wine Club

The wine club for wine lovers.

All members of the Wine Club will have the exclusivity of choosing their gift from a long list of the finest wines, wine coolers, wine tasting sessions and more!

Pet Club

The pet club for pet lovers.

Pet Club members can redeem their points for treats and gifts that will make their furry companions very happy!

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