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Lipton clear Green Tea Pure 100 Sachets

$ 4.02
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Product Description
Lipton Clear Green Tea Pure 100 Sachets are pure and light making it an easy cup of tea to have at any time of the day. Consumption of green tea as part of a healthy lifestyle may help maintain a healthy heart as it is thought to have a protective effect against cardiovascular diseases. The soothing aroma of a warm cup of green tea helps you to relax.
About The Brand

There are lots of reasons to drink up Lipton tea. Unlike the general belief, consuming caffeine in regular amounts of tea can contribute to hydration. Plus Lipton tea tastes great. Discover a wide range of refreshing and different types of teas that can transform your drinking experience to a whole new level with Lipton. From Hot, Iced, Herbal, Moringa, Matcha, Turmeric, Decaffeinated & Caffeine Free, to Sweetened & Unsweetened tea.

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