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Delivery Locations

Spinneys currently delivers to all residential and commercial addresses in Greater Beirut and Mount Lebanon. We do not currently ship to the rest of Lebanon but hope to do so in the near future.

If you still have any question, please get in touch with us directly using our Contact Us section. A variable shipping fee applies depending on the delivery location. To view available time slots and schedule a delivery, please click here.



Beirut - Lebanon

Achrafieh District
Aicha Bakkar District
Ain Al Mrayseh District
Ain al Tineh District
Al Rawche District
Al Sanayeh District
Al Wardieh District
AUB District
Bachoura District
Badaro District
Barbir District
Barbour District
Basta Fawka District
Basta Tahta District
Batrakieh District
Bechara Khoury District
Beirut Central District District
Bir Hassan District
Bliss District
Borj Abi Haidar District
Caracas District
Chiah / Sfeir District
Chiyah District
Chiyah District
Cleamenceau District
Cola District
Corniche El Mazaraa District
Gemmayzeh District
Hamra District
Jnah District
Kantari District
Karakass District
Karakol Druze District
Karantina District
Kasskass District
Kraytem District
Makassed District
Malaab Al Baladi District
Malla District
Manara District
Mar Elias District
Mar Mkhayel District
Mathaf District
Mazraa District
Minet El-Hosn District
Mousseitbeh District
Port Of Beirut District
Ramlet El Bayda District
Ras Beirut District
Rass Al Nabeh District
Rmeil District
Saifi District
Sakiet Al Janzir District
Salim Sleim District
Sanayeh District
Snoubra District
Sodeco District
Tallet Al Khayyat District
Tarik Al Jdide District
Tarik al Jdide / Afif al Tibeh District
Unesco District
Verdun District
Zarif District
Zokak el-Blat District

Mount Lebanon - Lebanon

Adonis District
Ain Aalaq District
Ain Aar District
Ain El Remaneh District
Ain Najem District
Ain Saade District
Antelias District
Antelias - Faour District
Antelias - Mezher District
Aoukar District
Baabda District
Baabdat District
Baabdat - Chalimar District
Baabdat - Sfayleh District
Baouchrieh District
Beit Chabeb District
Beit El Chaar District
Beit El Kikko District
Beit Merry District
Beit Merry - Deir El Kalaa District
Beit Merry - Mrah Ghanem District
Beit Misk District
Bhannes District
Bharsaf District
Bikfaya District
Biyyada District
Bkenneya District
Broumana District
Broumana - Mar Chaaya District
Bsalim District
Byakout District
Chmis District
Daher El Souwan District
Daychounieh District
Dbayeh District
Dbayeh - Haret al Bellan District
Deir Tamich District
Dekwaneh District
Dik El Mehdi District
Dora District
Elissar District
Fanar District
Fraikeh District
Furn El Chibak District
Hadath District
Hazmieh District
Hazmieh / Mar Takla District
Hbous District
Horch Tabet District
Jal el Dib District
Jamhour District
Jdaideh District
Jisr Al Wati District
Jisr El Bacha District
Kaslik District
Louaizeh District
Mansourieh District
Mar Roukuz District
Mazraat Beit El Chaar District
Mazraat Deir Aoukar District
Mazraat Yashoua District
Mkalles District
Monte Verde District
Mtayleb District
Nabay District
Naccache District
Nahr El Kaleb District
New Rawda District
Qornet Chehwen District
Qornet El Hamra District
Rabieh District
Rabweh District
Roumieh District
Sabtiyeh District
Sarba District
Sin el fil District
Yarze District
Zalka District
Zikrit District
Zouk Mkayel District
Zouk Mkayel - Haret El Mir District
Zouk Mosbih District
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