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Asmodee Tic Tac Boum Junior

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Product Description
Say the word right before a bomb explodes in your hands!In Tic Tac Boum, players play against the clock, hoping to pass the bomb to their neighbors before it explodes. At the beginning of each turn, a sound card with a syllable ("ti", "a", "san", etc.) is returned to the middle of the table and the die is rolled. If the die indicates "tick", players will have to find words with that syllable at the beginning of the word; if the die indicates "tac" the syllable must be at the end of the word; and if it says "boom" it can be anywhere in the word. The first player lights the bomb and takes it in his hands. As soon as he finds an appropriate word, he says it aloud and passes the bomb to his neighbor. Be on your guard because the bomb can explode at any time. Suitable for 5 years and above
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