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AMATOURY Handwash Refill Buble Gum 300ML

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Product Description
Amatoury 114 Foam Hand Wash Bubble Gum Refill 300ml is formulated without Parabens nor Triclosan. This mousse hand wash uses a unique natural antibacterial ingredient that kills up to 99.9% of all harmful bacteria while protecting the pH balance of your skin leaving an extraordinary lasting perfume. Its special pump and formulation will dispense an instant and just quantity of foam to thoroughly clean your hands without using much water thus making it both economical and nature friendly.
About The Brand
We have been manufacturing beauty and personal care for over 85 years and we have always made sure that every product is safe and effective when used as directed. We’ve worked very hard to keep the highest standards throughout the years and today, Our range of products include best sellers such as our “Bain Douche 114” shower gel, our innovative instant foam “Hand wash mousse 114” as well as hair masks, hair shampoos and other delightful personal care products.
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