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About Us

First Branch Opening in Lebanon
Hypermarket concepts pioneered
E-commerce Platform Launched

Our History

Spinneys the leading supermarket retailer in the Middle East, with hypermarkets and supermarkets currently operating in Lebanon, Egypt, Oman, KSA and UAE.

Spinneys was first established in 1924 by Arthur Spinneys in the suburbs of Alexandria Egypt, to provide consumers with a friendly shopping environment where they can find high quality fresh produce, groceries, and baked goods at a fair price.

Spinneys opened its doors to Lebanese shoppers in 1948 in the old Beirut Souks, and went on to expand its stores in Raouche, Verdun, Hamra and Jnah, to offer customers a convenient one-stop shopping experience.

Due to civil war happening in Lebanon at that time, Spinneys stopped their operations in 1976. However, they overcame these challenges, reopened their doors twenty-two years later, and pioneered the concept of hypermarkets in Lebanon in 1998 through a new flagship store in Dbayeh. As this success was tremendous, it led Spinneys to expand its branches and open additional stores across Lebanon once again.

Our Business

In 2011, Spinneys uncovered a new concept of large surface retail in Lebanon by strategically locating a new branch in Hazmieh, which is a bustling residential and commercial neighborhood. The new store provides a retail selling area of ten thousand square meters on a single level with unique features that offer customers an exclusive shopping experience that combines a grocery store with fresh produce, bakery, deli and dairy products with electronics, toys home appliances.

Through innovation, Spinneys created an e-commerce platform in 2012, where customers can shop online from a wide selection of their favorite local and imported brands with the same great quality, freshness and choice guaranteed. This concept facilitated the shopping process for many and provided customers with an alternative solution if they cannot stop by the supermarket.

In 2019, Spinneys introduced the ultimate gourmet experience with the Grand Opening of the new “Signature” store in Beirut Souks. Located in the heart of Beirut, Signature by Spinneys offers a high-end shopping experience with international cuisine options available to satisfy more than just shopping needs. The services provided by this store uniquely focuses on the gourmet and high-end provision of restaurants, groceries, and ambience.

Today, Spinneys has 16 branches across all of Lebanon, extending from the south to the north. The latest store was opened in Sahel Alma with a new and modern design offering Keserwan consumers a unique shopping experience.

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