Danone Activia Yogurt Natural Probiotics 4x125G
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Danone Activia Yogurt Natural Probiotics 4x125G

4,125 GBy Danone
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Product Description
Danone Activia Yogurt Natural Probiotics 4x125G, pure full fat stirred yogurt with natural probiotics. Keep refrigerated.
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About The Brand

Danone yogurt is made of two ingredients: milk and natural ferments. Nothing more, nothing less. Without added sugar, preservatives or artificial ingredients. Plain and simple yogurt. It is a rich source of protein, calcium and other vital nutrients. With a low level.. of calories. From the farm to your fridge, Danone has been with your yogurt every step of the way. Watching over the cows in the fields and supervising the production process. Thus, Danone guarantees that every spoonful of its yogurt is the best quality it can be. Fruit and flavored yogurts make up a major part of Danone’s constant improved recipes.

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