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Argal Chicken Mortadella Halal

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Offer ends on 27/09/2021
Product Description
Argal Chicken Mortadella Halal per Kg is cured, tender and mild; is basically a chicken luncheon meat. Have it on a breakfast sandwich or with fried eggs. It is made from Halal slaughtered poultry and packed according to the Islamic regulations.
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About The Brand

Argal has been a Spanish Charcuterie since 1914 and started out as a family business. Its top priority is to offer the best quality products with maximum food safety. To achieve and maintain the authentic flavors of Argal's products, their production centers are located in the most traditional Spanish regions for each one. Found in over 30 countries Argal's products include natural cured meats, such as cooked and cured ham, jamón iberico, turkey, salchichón, paté and many other ready-to-eat ones.

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