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Amora Vinaigre De Cidre 75cl

750 MLBy Amora
LBP 26,500
Product Description
Amora Vinaigre De Cidre 75cl Apple Cider Vinegar, Amora has selected particularly flavored cider apples to give this vinegar a sweet and fruity taste. Elaborated by Amora vinegars and bottled in Burgundy, it will enhance all your salads, marinades and meats.
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About The Brand

Kept in expensive porcelain pots, Mustard was an expensive product. In 1756, Dijon, the distinctive Moutarde De Dijon started. Since 1942, Amora has been producing a wide range of condiment sauces based on it. Amora’s products are the best way to add flavor to your.. cooking; work both as a dip and seasoning.

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